The Ambulance is a rare vehicle that has been in the game since launch. It can be obtained from the prize machine.

Appearance Edit


The Ambulance has the same format as the Minibus, except it has different designs and includes a patient in the back of the van. It has a siren on top that flashes green and blue if used by the player, and red and orange if used by CPU.

Pros Edit

  • It is good for standing up on it's back and getting the head above flood waters.
  • It has decent speed and is quite defensive from behind.
  • The person in the back can be used as some sort of projectile.
  • It has mediocre strength, so it can fight off most vehicles.The person in the back can slow down or trip your opponent.

Cons Edit

  • The head inside of this vehicle is very easy to hit with a big wheeled vehicle (ex. Monster Truck).
  • Due to its mediocre strength, it can easily be overpowered by some of the stronger vehicles in the game.
  • The person at the back can affect your driving skills

Trivia Edit

  • Inside the back of the Ambulance is a patient on a stretcher. This patient often falls out of the Ambulance during a match.
  • The Plus Sign on the back is a reference to the American Red Cross, a non-profit organization that works to helping people affected by disaster or disease.
  • This was the first Emergency vehicle to be added to the game. The Police Car , Fire Truck and the SWAT Van were added in a later update.

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