The Banana Car is a vehicle in Drive Ahead. It was one of the original cars, being in th game since it's release.

Appearance Edit

The Banana Car is, as the name suggests, shaped like a banana. It has two wheels underneath it, and the driver sits in the middle of the banana. It is blue when used by the player and red when used by the opponent.

Pros Edit

  • Protected well from behind
  • If it flips over the driver doesn't die because of the corners.
  • Good speed

Cons Edit

  • Poor Strength
    • When flipped over he can be easily pushed onto saws on maps that have saws for sudden death
    • Die quicker when the sudden death is water
    • Tips over a lot
    • Vechiles like the dragester and Tank can hit it with the tips or guns




  • The Banana car is the only car based off a food

Gallery Edit

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