The Concrete Truck is a vehicle in Drive Ahead!. It was one of the original vehicles in the game.

Appearance Edit

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The Concrete Truck has a large oval-shaped concrete mixer on it's back which holds some small chunks of concrete inside. The mixer is held on the vehicle by many black pistons and rods. The driver sits at the top of the front of the truck. Three medium-sized wheels line it's bottom. It is blue and green when the player drives it and red and orange when the opponent drives it.

Pros Edit

  • Great Strength
  • Good speed despite it's size
  • Little concrete bits can fall out of it's mixer to hit other drivers
  • Excellent defense from behind
  • The concrete mixer can lean backwards to hit an enemy from behind
  • Sometimes the enemy's head can get stuck inside the mixer.

Cons Edit

  • Not as well protected from the front or from above
  • Concrete pieces can hit the driver’s head

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