Description Edit

The dragster is a long, slim car with a tail fin, it has high speed, extra long length, and bad protection.

Pros Edit

  • The Dragster's pointed tip and tail fin make it an ideal vehicle for hitting a variety of different vehicles.
  • The car's front goes up when going forward, so can reach up and hit the enemy's head.
  • It has high acceleration, speed and launch.
  • Has good protection in the back.

Cons Edit

  • Big vehicles can reach over the Dragster's front and hit the drivers head.
  • If another car gets a head start, it can drive up the Dragster's front ramp and hit the drivers head.
  • The body of the dragster is too long that sometimes it can't perform stunts on certain maps.

Strategy Edit

Try and get over the enemy car, then use your large car size and speed to strike the top of their head and try to use the speed advantage to flip around and hit them on the head!

Gallery Edit


The Dragster in a match.

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