Go-Kart Edit

The Go-Kart is the smallest car in the game, and is widely considered to be the worst vehicle. It has mediocre speed, bad acceleration, and no strength. Winning with this car requires pulling off some flip or baiting an opponent to kill themself by falling off of something or dying in a Sudden Death.

Pros Edit

  • Small size can sometimes make it sometimes difficult target for other vehicles.
  • Fast Speed.

Cons Edit

  • Extremely vulnerable.
  • No strength and can easily be taken advantage of.
  • Easily able to kill head on.
  • It is one of the smallest cars in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • This car is once used in a photo with the Monster Truck.
  • The Car Carrier carries two empty Go-Karts in it's carrier.
  • It is playable in the mission David and Goliath.
  • It's an enemy in the missions Flawless Goliath and Home Alone.

Gallery Edit

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