Description Edit

The Gun Truck resembles an army vehicle that can shoot bullets from its gun which is on top of the vehicle. It can be unlocked in the Slot Machine.

Appearance Edit

It resembles an army van which has green marks on it which probably resembles camouflage for it. On the side it has a spare tire and on top it has a gun which shoots bullets. It also has a second person which drives the vehicle.

Pros Edit

  • Can shoot bullets.
  • Good protection for the head.

Cons Edit

  • Pretty slow.
  • Not really good at doing stunts.
  • The head is an easy target from behind.

Strategy Edit

If you have Gun Truck a good way to kill your enemy is to aim for its head with the gun and shoot a bullet in its head.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gun Truck is one of the five cars which have second person in it.
  • It is one of the six vehicles which can shoot bullets (including the Army Truck's Drone).
  • It is playable in the missions Mars Attack, Space Ace, Space Battle, and Alien Overload.c
  • It, the Planet Explorer, Weevil, F1 and Antique F1 are the only cars that got their names changed.

Gallery Edit

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