Description Edit

Landfill Truck is a Construction vehicle in Drive Ahead! which can drop boulders from its carrier. It has been in the game since its release. The vehicle has three rugged wheels, with a large holding bay in the back that carries a variety of different boulders, one slightly larger than the tire, another slightly smaller, and the rest pebbles. The space between the player and the loading bay is filled by a large steel plate.

Pros Edit

  • -Can drop boulders and stones from its carrier.
  • -Strong and versatile.
  • -Great protection from the back.
  • -Low down force so it pulls up fast.
  • -When flipped over, small protrusion prevents head from being hit.

Cons Edit

  • -Bad protection from the front.
  • -Bad at doing stunts.

Strategy Edit

If you have the Landfill Truck and you want to beat your opponent with it try getting your enemy close to you and launch your stones at the their head.

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The Landfill Truck in a game.