Description Edit

Drive ahead spinny

The map in the middle is "Lungs".

"Lungs" was the name of a Motordrome map added in the Version 1.12 update. You are trapped inside an enclosed ball with spikes on the outside that spins in a pit of acid instead of water.

Sudden Death Edit

During sudden death, the acid at the bottom starts to rise, while the ball still spins.

Trivia Edit

  • Lungs, the Sawmill, Clover, Storeys, and Rift are the only spinning maps in the game as of v1.14 (iOS).
  • The shape of the Lungs map resembles two human lungs.
  • Rather curiously, the first Motordome map, Lungs, has two main sections, Sawmill has three, and the third map Clover has four. This pattern did not follow with the maps Storeys and Rift.
  • These maps include a Mutated Shark that can be seen floating underwater during sudden death