The Mine is a Stage Object released with the Version 1.14 update.

Details Edit

The Mine randomly spawns during matches, like Ramps and Tyres. Mines are generally the most common Stage Objects. Upon contact with a vehicle, another object or if it's hit by a laser or bullet, the Mine will begin to flash red. After three seconds it explodes, and nearby vehicles and objects will be pushed away due to the explosion.

Sometimes Mines can make contact with each other and detonate together, which causes a stronger explosion the can send players off the screen and out of the map.

Appearance Edit

Mines are small objects that can be moved around easily. They are yellow with a brown base. On top is a little red flasher that remains black when inactive. When hit, it starts flashing red.

Trivia Edit

  • More than one Mine can spawn on a map.
  • Quite often, the explosion causes vehicles to lose at least one wheel.
  • Even heavy vehicles like the Tank can be sent airbourne by Mines.
  • Mines can save your life, such as preventing you from falling off a cliff, or it could automatically kill you.

Gallery Edit