Missions are used to help you earn coins. There are different 'stadiums' that have different themes, or categories.
Missions (now)

The categories of Missions are:

  • The Originals
  • Aliens
  • Motordrome
  • Halloween
  • Winter
  • Dinosaurs
  • Robots

Old mission

The Originals Edit

1.) Easy Peasy Edit

Description: Win a game.

Reward: 10 coins

2.) The Prince Edit

Description: Defeat 2 enemies

Reward: 800 coins

3.) Easy goath Edit

Description: Win a game

Reward: 800 coins

4.) Firestorm Edit

Description: Survive 15 seconds.

Reward: 10 coins.

5.) Motorbike Gang Edit

Description: Defeat 3 gang members

Reward: 10 coins.

6.) Police and Thief Edit

Description: Get score of 3 while running away from police.

Reward: 10 coins

7.) Flawless Goliath Edit

Description: Win a game without defeat.

Reward: 15 coins

8.) Jousting Edit

Description: Win a game

Reward: 10 coins

9.) Construction Yard Edit

Description: Defeat 5 enemies.

Reward: 10 coins.

10.) Rapid Domination Edit

Description: Defeat 5 enemies in 40 seconds

Reward: 10 coins

11.) The Queen Edit

Description: Defeat 5 enemies

Reward: 10 coins

12.) David and Goliath Edit

Description: Win a game.

Reward: 15 coins

13.) Flawless Victory Edit

Description: Have cake by the ocean with some cute cars

Reward: 69 coins

14.) Monster Mayhem Edit

Description: Defeat 6 enemies

Reward: 25 coins

Aliens Edit

1.) Alien Invasion Edit

Defeat a set amount of Flying Saucers using the Space Shuttle and Cattle Truck.

Mars Attacks Edit

Defeat a set amount of Flying Saucers, Motorcross Bikes, Army Trucks and Monster Cannons using the Tank and Humvee.

Home Alone Edit

Survive for 20 seconds on the Saucer map using the Alien Attack Drone.

Alien Overlord Edit

Shoot down the alien leader's ship and fight off the Flying Saucers and Alien Attack Drones using the Tank, Monster Cannon, Humvee, or Army Bike. Successful completion of the boss fight earns the player the Alien Attack Drone and 200 coins.

Hippies! Edit

Defeat a given number of Hippie Vans and Tourist Buses with the Flying Saucer.

Moon Landing Edit

Win a game.

Cow Snatcher Edit

Collect all the cows.

Motordrome Edit

Tumbler Edit

Win 3 Games on any Motordrome map.

Stable Madness Edit

Win one game using either the Horse or Chariot against the same vehicles.

Doomball Edit

Kill an assorted amount of enemies on any Motrodrome map.

Compensator Edit

Kill a certain amount of Compensator Bikes, while the screen rotates with the map. Each time you beat the mission, an extra kill will be added to the required amount the next time you get the mission. Completing the mission grants the player the Compensator Bike.

Saw Survivor Edit

Survive for 20 seconds on the Sawmill map. Around 16-18 seconds, the saw will come to the bottom and the player will be required to somehow maneuver over the saw to complete the mission. Faster cars will be able to complete the mission, while the Horse was shown in a viral video released by the Drive Ahead team on Facebook to perform an advanced stunt to accidentally dodge the saw.

Saw Survivor Strategies

Halloween Edit

Ghost Riders Edit

Defeat a set amount of Halloween enemies under the effects of low gravity. Famous for causing an anti-gravity glitch in the other missions when they are played, especially the UFO Elevator Glitch, and the Compensator Bike and Rapid Killer Floating Glitches.

Fear of Dark Edit

Survive for 26 seconds with limited visibility against Invisible Cars on different maps.

Zombie Apocalypse Edit

Survive for 26 seconds while being attacked by an assorted selection of cars, all with the Zombie helmet.

Ghosthunter Edit

Defeat a set amount of Invisible Cars, all with the ghost helmet.

Horror Show Edit

Defeat the Broom Bike, Pumpkin Carriage, Invisible Car, Beast, and Pain Train. Upon completion of the difficult mission, the map Bonedome will be unlocked.

The Skeleton Knight Edit

Fight 4 CPU's who are all equipped with Skeleton helmets, and then fight off the Skeleton Knight, who is riding the Skeletal Ride. Successful completion of this mission grants the player the Skeleton Knight helmet.

Robots Edit

Advent Calendar Edit

These are missions that are unlocked by connecting to the internet on one of the first 25 days of December. It is unknown whether they will be removed in later updates. To get to these missions, click on the leftmost button on the main menu. There is a mission for the first 25 days in December. Upon completing the mission for the first time, you will get a set amount of money, unless you watch an ad after completing a mission, which will give you extra coins. Upon completing the mission after the first time, you will receive a much lower amount of coins, unless you watch an ad, which will give you the amount of coins you would if you didn't watch an ad on your first time.