Description Edit

The Shredder is a pretty small vehicle with average speed, three wheels and a saw in front of it.

Pros Edit

It's buzz saw gives the vehicle a good bit of protection for the head and a good weapon.

Cons Edit

Pretty vulnerable from the back.

Strategy Edit

The Shredder is good for attacking. A good way to hit an enemy in the head is by ramming into it using the saw. This works on most of the cars but on some of them like SEV or the Beast it is not a good idea to do it.

Unlock Edit

You can unlock the Shredder by completing 50 missions of any type.

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of nine Achievement Reward Vehicles.
  • It is the only vehicle which has a blade on it.
  • The blade spins.
  • It is playable n the missions Space Ace, Space Battle, and Krampus Meets Elves.

Gallery Edit

2016-01-04 19.54.40

The Shredder in a match.