The Space Bike looks like a futuristic bike - just as how you would imagine it. It also leaves behind a glow in its trail. It is fairly small and similar in stature to the Army Bike.


The Space Bike is small, but fast. This means that you need to utilize its speed to win. But it is also fairly hard to control. Which means that if experienced players can control it, it can bring a fairly easy win. But you need to be careful as it is really vulnerable to big vehicles that normally don't receive any knockback.

Unlock Edit

To unlock the Space Bike, you need to get 30 flawless wins. Unfortunately, in Version 1.11 of Drive Ahead!, the counter is glitched, but it is still possible to obtain. One of the easiest ways to get the Space Bike is to jump into two player mode and choose OP vehicle against a weak vehicle, and then flawless win. This should count towards getting the Space Bike (in version 1.11).

Trivia Edit

  • It is playable in the mission Lightspeed.
  • It is an achievement reward vehicle.
  • You can see the drivers full body

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