If the player does not defeat their opponent in a short amount of time, Sudden Death mode will activate. Sudden Death mode consists of 4 disasters: Saw-blades, rising flood, falling meteors and Raining Cows. They will continue on until one player is KO'd. If in King of the Hill and the mode is activated, it will stop once an opponent dies, only to retract for the player to be able to finish off another opponent.

Sawblade Edit


These are very deadly as they slowly lower from above. It can be interpreted as the opposite of rising flood, as it lowers instead of rises. Players of bigger Vehicles are usually more at risk against the sawblades as their drivers are usually higher and therefore closer to the blades, Avoiding them is extremely difficult but possible; you have to position yourself directly in between the blades. If you position yourself just right, your opponent is highly likely to die. If both you and your opponent avoid the blades, then they will continue downwards until they finally come to a stop.

Rising Flood Edit


Rising water comes from below and travels upwards. Your best bet at survival is to reach a higher elevation. It only appears on maps with water at the bottom. In the Halloween maps, the flood is turned orange, while in the Motordrome maps the flood is acid, and on the Dinosaur maps, the flood is lava. All different types of "water" have the same effect. The Amphibian, Gunboat, Hovercraft, Sharkmobile, Piranha, Hovercar, Yacht, Speedboat, and Rowboat can float in all four types of liquid. They're not invulnerable however, as the player can still die when falling head-first into any of the four liquids.

Sawblade and Rising Flood Edit

In a few select maps, such as Sausage, both rising flood and sawblades are present. These usually only occur with maps that have a top and bottom section and are enclosed.

Raining Meteors Edit


Raining Meteors is a Sudden Death mode where flaming meteors rain out of the sky, gradually covering the map. This only appears in maps with no cover on top, such as the sand levels. If they happen to fall into water their flame will go out. The best way to counteract this is to use cars with a roof above the driver's head such as golf cart, bubble car, and fire truck.

Raining Meteors and Rising Flood Edit

Just like with Sawblades and Rising Flood, these two can appear at once. Usually in unenclosed arenas with water present.

Raining Cows Edit


There is a very rare chance that flaming cows will replace meteors and rain from the sky. If they land in water, the cows will be extinguished. This sudden death can be more deadly than the raining meteors as the cows fall faster, quickly covering the map. Vehicles with a roof above the driver's head are great for dealing with the raining cows.