The Tourist Bus is a large bus with five windows, with the second window from the front serving as a door to walk in through. The player's head is on top of the bus, and the vehicle also has two small wheels. The bus is decorated with a flame decal often seen on Coach Buses in America.

Pros Edit

  • Small cars have trouble hitting the player's helmet because it is on top of the bus.
  • It has decent speed and its large size allows it to wall some cars.
  • In a sudden death when water is rising, the driver of the Tourist Bus is likely to survive because of the height at which it is at.

Cons Edit

  • It is extremely vulnerable from above.
  • Despite it's size it has only decent strength, meaning it can be pushed around by some smaller cars.
  • It has a lot of weight, and is heavier than many cars of the same size
  • Sudden death with saws lowering from above is a big disadvantage because the driver is high up and likely to be hit first.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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