Version 1.7 is the current version of Drive Ahead! It was released on January 13, 2016.

Overview Edit

This version of Drive Ahead! was released on the 13th January 2016. This update contained a face-lift for most arenas, two new vehicles and a new map.

New Content Edit

The new content released with this update.

Vehicles Edit

  • Snow Racer
  • Zamboni

Maps Edit

  • Adventure Land

Alongside the low amount of new content, the Drive Ahead team redid every one of the non-themed maps (any map that wasn't Motordrome, Halloween, or Arctic), primarily adding spotlights and trusses to many of the maps. Some maps featured major design changes, such as Smiley Face and Pyramid, with Mouse remaining the same only in the map's appearance but being completely redone. The biggest changes were to Sand Planet and Saucer, both of which were completely redesigned.

Update Description Edit

Happy New Year! Let's celebrate wirh a new winter update!
- Major facelift for the old arenas
- 2 New chilling vehicles!
- 1 New arctic arena!
- Bugfixes and adjustments